Confronting Trump Talk – eBook

Ignorants celebrate their parties everywhere. A political opponent humiliates a Merkel without any reasoning. A Trump takes down a Clinton omitting any education. A CEO lets the head of department down without understanding what it was all about. The people with the better information regularly lose. And all they can think of is whining about it afterwards.

It’s like a blockade that people with an intellectual education have practically trained themselves to have. Why don’t they use their critical minds to understand the linguistic strategies of their opponents? Instead, they keep coming up with one more elaborated information, one more fine reasoning, one more detail. And with the sneaking suspicion that this is the only way to be defeated… And indeed: just reasoning means losing.

Peter Modler’s bestseller – finally in an English translation! Ignorant people can be beaten with their own weapons. And there are a lot of Trumps on earth.


Peter Modler

Confronting Trump Talk – eBook

Why just reasoning means losing